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For being here, means that you are looking for entertainment and party, for your wedding. Means that you want to feel the power of a live band. Means that you want an unforgettable experience for your day.

Well, guess what: You are at the right place!

Our Mission: To entertain and party!

So please, take a look who we are and what we do:

“Black and White Drums” is an entertainment agent company that provides live shows for wedding entertainment.

Is located in Athens, Greece, serves the surrounding region and is open to traveling.

They create and produce fresh ideas and always searching for new trends.

They present performances with deep search to each culture, artists with origin from all around the world and original costumes.

Drum shows, Zaffe, samba show, Africa shows, fire shows, choreographies, traditional Greek dancers and music, cover bands, rock’roll band, hang drum shows and many more.

They would be thrilled to join you at your event and provide you with lively, talented, and entertaining music. They promise both couples and guests will be on their feet in no time!

photos by Giannis Chlebakos


The costumes of Black and White Drums are in black and white, inspired by the deconstructed image of the bride and groom in a fresh, happy mood and minimalist aesthetics.

Alternatively, total white, total black or tailor made costumes for theme weddings, receptions, bachelor and bachelorette parties can be proposed by their fashion designer.


Black and White

One cannot exist without the other.

Yin & Yang

Not contrasting notions; rather complementary.

Female and Male; Male and Female

Evolving through each other in a never ending process of interaction.