Get Inspired!

“Black and White Drums” is a percussion band, based in Athens, Greece.

Is offering music and performance shows, especially during social events such as weddings, receptions, bachelor & bachelorette parties etc.

It is an original, complete proposal for those looking for something different and impressive for their special day.

The band consists of men and women, showing up as couples in the events, at your preference.

Especially for gay weddings, you have the option to choose between  female or male group.

Mission: To entertain and party!

Music – Musical Instruments

Many different ways of presentation are proposed:

Live percussion accompanied by “background music”, that is, songs selected by the people hosting the event or tailor made songs.

Live percussion without “background music”, that is, dance songs influenced by traditional music styles from Greece, Africa, the Middle East and Brazil, as well as funk, swing etc.


Snare drum

Agongo & tambourine

The percussion used is exclusively in black and white: traditional davuls (double-headed drums), snare drums,  tambourines, agongos and shakers, tumpelek, darbukas, mazhar and many more.

All musical instruments are designed in such a way as to allow the musicians to play and move freely at the same time.


Performances prepared by our choreographer allow for black and white to mingle and for the couple to stand out during the ceremony or/and the reception party.

During the event, the “Black and White Drums” band is in constant move. By taking different shapes, forms and playing percussion they come to build up the party mood.

Alternatively our choreographer, along with the people hosting the event, can prepare tailor made choreographies for theme weddings, receptions etc.


The costumes of Black and White Drums are in black and white, inspired by the deconstructed image of the bride and groom in a fresh, happy mood and minimalistic aesthetics.

Alternatively, total white, total black or tailor made costumes for theme weddings, receptions, bachelor and bachelorette parties can be proposed by their fashion designer.


Black and White

One cannot exist without the other.

Yin & Yang

Not contrasting notions; rather complementary.

Female and Male; Male and Female

Evolving through each other in a never ending process of interaction.